Welcome to your Madeira 3D Virtual Reality Wiki!

Some things you may find interesting

The History of Pixar!

What Pixar Uses!

What do I do first?

The first thing I need EVERYONE to do is to CREATE A NEW PAGE. To do this,
  1. Click on the New Page link in the upper left corner of the side bar.
  2. Name the page using your FIRST NAME + FIRST LETTER OF LAST blender5.jpgNAME (look at the side bar to see how the other students named their pages)
  3. You must add a TAG! The tag you should use is STUDENT.

After you do this, you will be looking at an EDITING WINDOW for your page. Add a greeting or something, then SAVE YOUR PAGE!

If you follow these steps, your page will appear in the side bar at left after you save your page.

If you need help, ask someone who has a page showing in the sidebar! After all, this class is all about YOU teaching each other!

Why do we need this page?

One of the things EVERYONE will be required to do is to keep a learning log or journal of their experiences in this "class." This should document what you have learned, how you have learned, your frustrations and successes. HOW you decide to do this is up to you. You may want to consider using a Screencast (see the link in the sidebar) to document some of the work you are doing. You may want to include screenshots of your Blender creations. Regardless of ow you choose to do this, it should be high quality and thoughtful! Everyone in the WORLD will be able to view this wiki!

What do we need to do?


How will we be graded?